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Our mission is of spreading Love. We remember the less privileged children in the outskirts of towns and cities and seek to provide support for pre-school education. Our High Priest said, “This is my commandment: love one another, as I have loved you.” Jn 15:12 then spoke further saying, “you are my friends, if you do what I command you.” Jn. 15:14

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Enjoy watching the pictures of different activities which we have done from 2007. The grace of God has enabled us to do all these things together with our priest Fr. Ignatius Muyunda who has been a source of inspiration and courage even in difficult moments.

IMG-20121031-00248 Fr. Ignatius Dancing in town P1000944 P1000939 P1090308 P1090330 To receive a scorn daily makes a big difference You have made us so Happy! 100_0744 Fr. Ignatius,This help comes a long way 100_1351 Thank you so much Ray and Jim Fr. Ignatius giving a scorn to a child IMG-20140217-00948 Geof with the men IMG-20140217-00946 IMG-20140217-00952 IMG_20150430_0001_NEW 100_1032 100_1022 100_9860 Greetings from Eric Thank you from Tom Nyambe Lilami reading the mail from the Sponsor 100_9721 100_9726 100_9731 100_9701 100_9595 My New Photos 160 You are a blessing to us God Bless you 100_1043 Spare no effort in reaching out to the people All is plenty if shared 100_9606 100_9711 995628_888395187869887_6550875546659115706_n

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